Antip Alagoz

Lead Mechanic

At I&E Construction, we have a vast array of vehicles available for use on job sites. Since 2016 Tip has been the Fleet Manager for all of them. He makes sure that Superintendents and Supervisors have the equipment they need to complete the job promptly. Tip emphasizes the importance of preventative and predictive maintenance in all of our equipment, and that dedication allows I&E to have an accountable fleet.


Since he was young, Tip has been around heavy equipment and semi-trucks. This engagement early in his life gave him a passion for pursuing his career as a Heavy Equipment Technician. After completing his apprenticeship, he became a fully licensed Heavy Equipment Technician. Within construction, there are multiple stages till a job is complete, and while he enjoys all of those, the teams he gets to work with during the phases are what makes him grateful to work here at I&E.  Those same teams are equally appreciative to have Tip handling all of the heavy equipment they rely on to complete their work.