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Bonnie Skokan-Schell

Accounts Payable

Bonnie is the brains behind I&E’s accounting department. She has been working accounts payable for I&E since 2012, with 40+ years of experience in the industry her expertise lends itself day in and day out. Bonnie’s uniqueness for numbers assists the company continuously; Her knack for numbers exemplified while processing invoices, and deciphering any discrepancies within them.


While for some people numbers may dull their day, Bonnie is continuously in a charming disposition, bringing color and joy to the office. Her candor lends itself to her favorite thing about the construction industry: the people. She says, “They are hardworking; they take pride in what they do.” Bonnie herself is hardworking yet very humble, those around the office will not hesitate to remind her how thankful they are to have her here.