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Brad Cundall

Project Manager

Brad Cundall, I&E's Project Manager, is a Floridian Native. Brad began his construction career with Core Property Sciences performing construction materials testing in 2005. This expertise included soil compaction for roadways and building footprints, concrete compression strength to include footers, slabs, down-cells, and lightweight roofing concrete. Brad's extensive material knowledge lead him to oversee a lab completing materials testing on concrete compression strength, running soil proctors, Lime Rock Baring, and various geotechnical testing. Brad later took his career to an Engineering firm as Senior Building Forensic Technician overseeing the complete restoration of existing building envelopes, new construction complete building enveloping, sound attenuation testing, exterior cladding inspections, and various elements of destructive testing. At I&E, Brad oversees our Destructive Testing and Investigation crews in assistance with evaluating the structures underlying defects. Identifying the cause and extent of damage is critical to successful construction defect resolution. Brad's strong grasp of building envelope engineering combined with restoration expertise present you with a lasting solution.