Dimitri Matveev


Since 2010 Dimitri has worked for I&E working his way up after starting in our customer service department as a general laborer. During his time in that department, he helped grow that small department all while learning skills that helped him as he moved onto higher roles. Currently, Dimitri works as a Superintendent, with a focus on new apartments. When it comes to what brought him into construction, it was family. Dimitri grew up in a family of construction workers, being around the industry he joined I&E straight out of high school.


Although he has reserved demeanor, he has quite the passion for his job. When asked what he likes about working in the construction industry he said, “With new construction, you come in, and it is just a bare piece of land, you don’t realize it as you go through, there is so much you have to worry about. But when it is done you get to see it all completed; it’s a rewarding feeling.” Being able to run a large project at a young age comes from that passion, and being trilingual helps him communicate clearly with those onsite to get the job done right. 


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