Jack Burkoff


Jack has been with I&E since 2011, currently working as a Superintendent in our Restoration division. With his attention to details, as well as focus on plans, he makes sure each project is completed accurately. His attention to detail applies itself significantly on some of our projects locations where the weather is a substantial concern. From the coast all the way out to Utah, Jack has proven his attention to detail to be a great asset. He has grown into our expert in waterproofing assemblies and integration with existing finishes.


As a teen, Jack worked in the construction industry performing new construction framing. Being drawn to complex work, his drive for learning and developing helped push him into his current position. Being able to work in the Restoration division here at I&E he can learn new things continually; each job brings its own unique set of challenges. This availability to grow and learn is what he enjoys about working in the construction industry. 


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Sun Creek Exterior Restoration

Addison Condominiums

Seascapes Townhomes Exterior Repairs

Rockaway Shores Condominiums

Columbia Shores

Rivers Edge Condominiums