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Joe Nielson

Project Manager

Joe Nielson is an I&E Superintendent, a Long Island native who moved to Florida in 2009. Joe's concrete project experience extends from New York, Mississippi, Louisiana, Nevada, and he has been working in various types of projects in Florida for the past 10 years. Joe worked as a Supervisor for Shawmut Construction and Jordan Construction, where he was responsible for the training of all superintendents to oversee the construction process. Joe was the owner of a block and concrete company called M&N Construction Services, Inc., that worked as a subcontractor to install all the concrete construction within Florida for Pulte Homes, Levitt Homes, Park Square Homes, and Cassidy Homes. He also built the concrete structures for Walgreens, Wawa, Bank of Atlantics, and several strip malls within Florida. Also, M&N performed the Department of Transportation work related to concrete and block construction. Many of these structures mentioned included concrete piles, concrete grade beams, concrete stem walls, structural concrete slab for all elevations, post-tensioned slabs, and the list continues.




Joe worked as a lead superintendent who was responsible for coordinating and managing the construction of various types of buildings over the past 20 years. Joe also has a wide-range of experience working with engineers, architects, and other designers of record for the construction of new buildings and remediation of existing structures. He has a large amount of working experience reading and interpreting structural drawings and detailing.