Mitchell McBride

Project Engineer/Estimator

Mitchell started at I&E as a Project Engineer intern from Oregon State University. Fulfilling his Construction Engineering Management degree, he came on full-time as a Project Engineer. Since 2015 Mitchell has worked closely with Kopy in estimating job costs for the rehab department. As well as doing all the monthly progress billings, submittals, change orders, subcontracts, and project administrative duties.  


Outside of I&E Mitchell grew up seeing the construction industry through his father’s work. This experience gave him the exposure he needed to strive to be in this industry himself. The constant variety and ever-changing projects keep him engaged and loving the work he does. On top of his primary role, he lends his extensive project knowledge to assist the marketing team. This interactivity between departments highlights his favorite thing about working for I&E: the family atmosphere.


Miller Hill Townhomes

On the Green Restoration