Tim Molodyh

Project Manager

Tim is one of I&E’s superintendents for the restoration division, initially starting as a general labor worker back in 2007. Although he was initially just a guy on the job site, he worked his way up to superintendent, using his strong communication skills to help drive the restoration projects to success. Tim uses those skills not only with workers on site but with HOA managers as well as homeowners/tenants, as many of the restoration projects take place in lived in homes.


When it comes to what he likes about working in the construction industry, it is the ever-changing nature of it. Continually having new challenges or a new job site to work on, it is never the same day after day.  Yet what he likes about I&E is the people, emphasizing how much it has grown since he initially started, saying “we kept growing, same faces with open communication.” Growth that he has helped create, the humor he brings never outshines his drive to work hard.