Cascade View Condominiums

Cascade View is a 14 building, 45 unit townhome community on the edge of Forest Park in Northwest Portland. Initial construction in 2008 resulted in numerous issues that culminated in construction-defect litigation. The townhome community faced problems with the building envelopes, siding, stone cladding, windows & doors, and parking deck waterproofing. In 2018 I&E worked with J2 Building Consultants to perform a complete exterior repair, resolving the numerous defects of the community.

Repairs to the community faced challenges from the physical location of the buildings. The townhomes are at the edge of Forest Park in Northwest Portland, wedged between Germantown Road and Highway 30. This steep and tight work location necessitated the use of scaffolding to perform the repairs on the East facing portion of the properties. The restoration of the townhomes took place in two phases. The first phase tackled the defects to the exterior of the townhomes, with the second phase addressing the parking deck. A tight work schedule communicated daily to the homeowners was essential, as parking and loading space in the community was limited.

  • Repair process aerial with scaffolding
  • Aerial closeup