Franciscan Condominiums

Franciscan is a late 1970s condominium community in the West Portland Park neighborhood. After forty years, the community required significant exterior restoration. I&E Construction worked with the Owners and Forensic Building Consultants to create a plan that would work with their budget but allow the necessary repairs to take place.  Work was divided into two phases to accommodate the Owners while accomplishing the much-needed repairs to the units. In each phase, this project required careful staging and material handling as the community is integrated into the surrounding forest.

The first phase of work performed consisted of replacing the existing decks and footings, replacing sliding doors, replacing entry decks and walkways, and extensive framing repairs in needed areas. The second phase included replacement of the remaining building envelope, including siding, roofing, and all remaining building envelope components. By being considerate and working directly with the Owners, I&E was able to deliver a successful project.

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