Rivers Edge Condominiums

River's Edge Hotel and the Avalon Condominiums occupy a unique building which combines several tenants and styles. The building was originally constructed in 2001 as the Avalon hotel with a 99 room hotel and spa with condominiums on the upper floors. In 2014 the Singerman group acquired the building and began the process of renovating the business and the building. The complex building accumulated 15 years of deferred maintenance and was in need of a complete restoration of the building exterior. From waterproof decks to window and wall assemblies every element of the building exterior and weather envelope needed restoration or replacement. The building structure is PT slab and column with metal framed exterior walls. Much of the steel framing and exterior gypsum had accumulated water damage and required replacement. The building exterior is clad with stucco, fiber cement siding and tiles assemblies over rainscreen systems. Exterior waterproof decks were coated with Tremco and Westcoat MACoat applications to match the look of the existing building. This complex restoration was performed in collaboration with the hotel staff to maintain occupancy of the hotel and condominiums.