Our Team

I&E is a full-service general contractor, performing new construction and restoration work throughout the Northwest. We specialize in multifamily, mixed-use and hospitality buildings. Although our roots are in multi-family residential siding work, we have added several trades to our in-house capabilities.

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Restoration Department

For over 25 years we have been repairing and restoring condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and commercial structures throughout the Northwest. Our experience ranges from single family homes in need of partial recladding and minor upgrades to complete restoration of large complexes comprised of several hundred households. We approach each project with the building's use and life in mind. As a Northwest company, we know what it takes to weatherproof the building properly. To make sure that our work is correct and consistent we established several quality management processes. These processes are followed by the project's superintendent, as they handle only one project at a time. At each stage in this process, we document our inspections, with photos and a written summary of corrective work performed. All project documents and reports are turned over to project owners as part of the project closeout package.

New Construction

The expertise we have gained over the past 25 years in our restoration department has allowed us to branch out into new construction projects. For the past ten years, we have been building projects ranging from single family homes to multi-family complexes. As a Northwest company that understands what it takes to correctly integrate windows and doors into a building envelope to keep air in and water out. This knowledge allows us to produce buildings that will last. Our homes are designed and built with quality and livability throughout.


We pursue development projects in a limited capacity with select partners. Projects are chosen based on how they can strengthen our experience and fit our work portfolio. Our work is primarily in retail and multi-family, where our construction experience is rooted. Our development activities allow us to expand our portfolio of work further and better serve our clients with our expertise and connections.

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Service Department

As our other departments grew, our small warranty section found the need to develop as well. With an expanded goal of the former warranty team, our Service Department is here to make sure our clients are taken care of. Partnering closely with managers of HOAs and Apartments we have built/worked for in the past, we continue to bring integrity and excellence even after our initial job is complete. Work that our Service Department performs consists of small siding repairs, minor interior work such as drywall trim and painting. Exterior wall related dry rot repairs, at wood trim or behind the siding, or at the framing/electric meters. Minor water intrusion repairs at building openings such as windows, doors, and roofing. Even if a project not listed above occurs, our goal is to resolve our client's issues, quick service calls or repairs are not outside of our Services Department scope.