Avery Toran

Project Manager/Estimator

Avery is I&E’s Project Manager for our small projects and maintenance division. Since 2013 his exceptional management skills have allowed him to handle the continual influx of maintenance calls in stride. From meeting with customers to getting approvals, his day is flexible and always changing. This variation is what he loves about working in the construction industry: “Getting to interact with so many different people, getting to build something, and when you walk away from the job you have a sense of accomplishment.”  


Avery’s unique background in the construction industry has given him a set of experiences that grant him the flexibility to tackle the variety that comes with his department. From previously owning his own small siding business to managing upwards of 60 people at a time. Not only does he take pride in his work on the job, but also at home. Avery is currently working on building his second personal home with his Wife and their five lovely kids.